American Indian L.A. Film and TV Awards
"Best Feature Film"
Nate and the Colonel


"...loaded with Native actors...fine to excellent acting...a tale about a black man and a white Southerner who assume a new life among a Chippewa band on the Great Plains after the Civil includes many wonderful scenes involving their adopted families and tribe."
Daniel Gibson, Editor NATIVE PEOPLES


"...more than a little Dances with Wolves here...although this is far less annoyingly preachy...nicely even-handed....cinematography is excellent....evokes the period well...strong performances....overall impact is solid, occaisionally reaching very effective."




Facts about Nate and the Colonel

Terry Plumeri's score for the film was performed by the Moscow Philharmonic with Plumeri conducting in Moscow.


Nate and the Colonel is the first feature film ever made using the Ojibwa language.


Nate and the Colonel was produced in just 21 days of production filmming.








"the film was well directed... David Midthunder as comedian Jimmy White Cloud and Lee Whitestar as his shaman grandfather were perfectly cast."
the plugged out movie review


"the lead actor and heroine are cool, and you get a liberal amount of enjoyment watching this band of reservation folk kick the tar out of the city slicker-mafia from NYC. I liked that."
Michael Erlewine, Founder All-Movie Guide (


"highly entertaining... definitely worth a rental."


"Most of the supporting cast is outstanding and funny jokes fly as the hit men try to infiltrate the close-knit Indian community in Arizona."
Daniel Gibson, Editor NATIVE PEOPLES








An award-winning, family western


Nate and the Colonel

It is 1865, the Civil War is just over. Former slave Nate Washington and his boyhood friend, Confederate Colonel Ben Loftin head West together from a South in ruins. On the Western Plains, they encounter a band of Chippewa Indians who will forever change their lives. Along the way, they must deal with a renegade band of Union Cavalry with a score to settle.

Rated PG13



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The cult-classic among Native audiences, starring David Midthunder, Lee Whitestar, and Victoria Regina.

Red Blood

A simple "hit" goes wrong when the Mob meets its match in an unlikely opponent-Native American comedian, Jimmy White Cloud. Jimmy becomes the unwilling recipient of Ray "The Tuna" Grazziano's most cherished possession, "the numbers book". A fast-paced chase follows from the streets of New York to Jimmy's Reservation in Arizona, where he reunites with his Shaman grandfather and rediscovers his heritage, as they join forces to defend themselves and their people from the big-city hit squad.

Rated R



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